8-72 hour turnaround


Many of our clients utilize this package because it is comprehensive, yet detailed. Includes:

  • SSN Track
    • Social Security Number Verification
    • Address Locator Report
  • 7 Year Criminal Track Record
  • Nationwide Criminal Database includes aliases
  • Multi-State Sex and Violent Offenders Report

ABC Select

If you are budget-conscious yet desire a suitable screen, this combination of products may be of interest. Includes:

  • SSN Track
    • Social Security Number Verification
    • Address Locator Report
  • Single County Criminal Record
  • Nationwide Criminal Database includes aliases
  • Multi-State Sex and Violent Offenders Report
24 – 72-hour turnaround

SuperClark (Clark County, NV)

SuperClark is a premium and expanded search of Clark County, NV (Las Vegas) court records. The majority of Nevada’s population lives and works in Clark County. While a typical Clark County search includes two courts including Clark County and Las Vegas District courts, SuperClark includes four courts, including:

  • Clark County Court
  • Boulder City Justice Court
  • Las Vegas District Court
  • North Las Vegas District Court


7-10 business day turnaround

SuperClark PLUS (Clark County, NV)

SuperClark PLUS is a premium and expanded search of Clark County, NV (Las Vegas) court records accessing 17 courts encompassing the 2.1 million people who live in Clark County. SuperClark PLUS includes:

  • Clark County District Court
  • Las Vegas Township Justice Court
  • North Las Vegas Justice Court
  • Boulder City Justice Court
  • Henderson Justice Court
  • Bunkerville Township Justice Court
  • Goodsprings Township Justice Court
  • Laughlin Township Justice Court
  • Mesquite Township Justice Court
  • Moapa Township Justice Court
  • Moapa Valley Township Justice Court
  • Searchlight Township Justice Court
  • Five Municipal Courts (Las Vegas, N. Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, Mesquite)
12 – 24-hour turnaround

Gaming Excluded Persons List

AmericanChecked cross-references the applicant with lists of individuals who are barred from casinos as made available by contributing states.


1 - 72 hour turnaround

Volunteer Check

Created especially for non-profit organizations, this special package must be used in conjunction with a county or statewide criminal record search for due diligence. Volunteer Check can be used to screen anyone associated with the non-profit, from staff to volunteers to boards of directors.  All hits are verified with a live jurisdiction search. Includes:

  • SSN Track
    • Social Security Number Verification
    • Address Locator Report
  • Nationwide Criminal Database includes aliases, Multi-State Sex and Violent Offenders Report
1 – 72-hour turnaround


AmericanChecked offers Livescan™ fingerprinting with FBI results within 24-hours with expedited service, powered by FBI-contracted channeler, Accurate Biometrics. The FBI maintains records of arrests from a number of state and local agencies. Most of the records are linked by fingerprints as every individual who is arrested is fingerprinted as part of the booking process. The National Crime Information Center (NCIC) is essentially a database of these records. In addition, the NCIC also tracks reports of missing persons and fugitives who are wanted by law enforcement.

When an FBI background check is requested, it typically shows all of the arrests for the individual in question. The data includes the date when the individual was arrested and provides a detail of the charges. Both felonies and more serious misdemeanors may be in the report. However, it is unusual to see moving violations or fines included. These offenses are typically not reported to the FBI because they are so minor. Nonetheless, a handful of agencies do report these matters at a federal level.

AmericanChecked provides equipment for purchase or rent including a laptop with loaded software and Livescan™ fingerprint scanner.

AmericanChecked recommends using FBI fingerprint screens along with a Criminal Track Record to round out missing data from non-reporting jurisdictions and to add case dispositions.

Turnaround Varies by State

Workers’ Compensation and Injury Report

Using a Workers’ Comp Report helps to ensure that you hire applicants with strong safety records, and also alerts you to the applicant who made a living as a professional claimant. Before a report is ordered, a conditional offer of employment should be made to the applicant. Additionally, the Workers’ Comp order must be submitted separately after other background screening requests. These reports should always be used within the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

24 – 48-hour turnaround

SAM Medical Sanctions Report

This service screens individuals/entities in the healthcare field against a historical database of adverse actions. More than 50 types of healthcare professionals are covered and disciplinary actions can range from exclusion and debarments to probation and letter of reprimand.

2 – 12 hours turnaround

Evictions Registry Database

This is a compilation of landlord/tenant convictions (also referred to as “unlawful detainer” database). It is reported to be the largest database of its kind in the country. Information typically goes back 7 years and is comprised from civil court records from the Administration of the Courts across the nation. Records are accessed via name, address, previous address and Social Security Number.

Court records can include:

  • Failures to pay rent
  • Unlawful detainers
  • Judgments for possession
  • Judgments for money
  • Judgments for rent
  • Writs or warrants for eviction
  • Prior inquiry on file…verifies previous addresses, identifies use of different names and alerts you to applicants who have applied recently to a different property.

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